Elderflower is the crowd favourite. This kombucha is enhanced by a light but sweet flavour, meaning that this brew should definitely be on top of the list to try.

Lemon + Lime + Ginger

Many people enjoy this Lemon, Lime and Ginger kombucha in the mornings. With its metabolism kick-starting properties, it is the perfect brew with which to get the day started.


Vanilla Kola

The kola nut is native to the tropical rainforests of Africa. When teamed with the humble, but amazing vanilla bean, it provides a kombucha with the sweet, complex flavours that so many people crave on a daily basis! Our newest flavour has taken on a following all of its own.


Kakadu Plum

Packed full of flavour and gut healing goodness. This native flavoured brew is perfect for those who love a fruity, tangy and refreshing kombucha.



One of our best sellers! The tart and sweet blackberries give a great deal of life to the kombucha, Making for a bubbly beverage with a very noticeable flavor.


Blood Orange

A vibrant combination of citrus burst balanced with Kombucha tang.


Coconut + Lime

A holy blend of delightful flavors melding into the perfect Kombucha brew.

Purists when it comes to the ancient brew. This hand-crafted, fermented beverage is brought to life using time-honoured, traditional methods. This means that their kombucha takes longer than most to produce.


Pomegranate + Grape

Funky, fruity and fragrant, this Pomegranate and Grape kombucha is reminiscent of childhood sodas without the guilt that sugar and chemical infested soft drinks bring. Smooth in texture and refreshing throughout, this groovy drink is perfect for someone looking for a fruity kombucha. Great for kombucha beginners or for kids.


Apple + Jasmine

Fruity and floral. Once struck by the natural apple juice’s sweetness a melody of floral notes rejuvenates your tongue. The drink progresses from sweet to sour before ushering in the palate cleansing, subtle character of jasmine. Powerful flavours married to artful aromas craft this tantalising tonic.


Apple + Cinnamon

Reminiscent of sparkling apple cider, this Apple and Cinnamon kombucha will be your new favorite fall beverage. Tangy, slightly sweet, spicy, and bubbly


Ginger + Turmeric + Lemon

A sharp, zesty and sour symphony ignites your palate from the first sip of this invigorating blend. The raw, earthy herbs of ginger and turmeric tango with the crisp tangy force of the lemon all around your mouth.



Naturally botanic and flavoursome, our rose brewed kombucha houses an infusion of a floral classic.


Hibiscus + Goji Berry

Enjoy warm days with tropical hibiscus that steeps a deep red crimson glow. Infused with sweet notes of goji berries, this hibiscus and goji berry kombucha has a sharp tartness flavor and bears some resemblance to fruit juices. A drink that is delightfully innocent and is refreshing served over ice.


Super blend

A super combination of sharp, zesty, sour and zingy flavours ignites your palate from the first sip of this invigorating blend of ginger, lemon, lime, tumeric and chilli.


Roasted coconut + lychee

Perfect tropical combination of the refreshing, sweet lychee teamed with the toffee tones of roasted coconut.

Pure, traditionally brewed small batch kombucha that liberates the powers of whole herbs. Botanical kombucha is their specialty, drawing on herbalistic principles, ingredients, and practices with biomedical, scientific know how and integrity.


Original, pure & unflavoured kombucha. Fermented using organic SriLankan green & black tea, producing a full-flavoured kombucha with crisp acidity & subtle stone fruit sweetness

Ginger + Lemon Myrtle
Cold pressed ginger & Tasmanian lemon myrtle. Like a healthy ginger beer, the fresh ginger brings a kick & the lemon myrtle brings a citrus bang.

Salted Blood Orange & Cassia Bark

Sweet, earthy, zesty with a hint of salt - this one is not to be missed

Raspberry + Thyme
Willamette raspberries & fresh thyme. A delicate raspberry sweetness, with the subtle freshness & tantalising aroma of fresh thyme.

Blackberry + River mint
Powerful acidity is cleansing and the delicate inclusion of mint compliments the earthiness of the blackberries.

Kombu do things a little differently and believe they've created a kombucha like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Their brews pack a punch of big flavours with balance using locally sourced and seasonal produce,  - taste is their number one priority.


Gurbuchi is a native kombucha, fusing traditional Australian fermenting practices and ancient Manchurian Kombucha brewing. Gurbuchi is brewed using Guradji (ger-ra-je) tisane, a traditional native plant used to bring people together, and support the three principles of healthy living, Country – Community – Spirit.


Zingy Stardust (Lemon Myrtle + Finger Lime)

Take a ride out of this world, through the Lemon Myrtle Way. Enjoy the bursts of Zingy Stardust in every mouthful.


Sucker Punch (Davidson Plum)

Don’t be fooled by this beauty’s enticing colour. She has a sour punch that will knock you about the ring and open your eyes to a parallel reality.

LORE Australia is an Aboriginal owned and operated health and wellness company using Australian native bio-foods. 

Blood Orange Turmeric

A powerhouse teaming with goodness and vitality


Blueberry + Ginger

Sweet and earthy with a slight tang

Watermelon + Mint

Fresh and summery

Freshly crafted Kombucha made in the Southern Highlands of NSW


Kombucha is a living drink that has an abundance of healthy living yeasts and bacteria (probiotics), which are important for your gut health. These can aid with cleansing and detoxifying your body. By using anti-oxidants from the green tea, acids, healthy yeasts and bacteria from the "mother" culture, we employ a healthy army of goodness working for you. 


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