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Meet our Suppliers - Lore Australia

Hi all! Here is our second installment for our Meet our Suppliers series. Next in line is Lore Australia. These guys have created one of the most in-demand kombucha (or Gurbuchi) brews EVER! We sell out of this stuff almost as soon as we get it in stock. It also makes for some of the best Booch Gelato (kombucha gelato). Meet Jesse Gurugirr from Lore Australia...

Lore Australia’s philosophy is based on the three principles of traditional lore.

Country – Community – Spirit

Proudly First Nation owned and operated Lore Australia was founded by Jesse Gurugirr in 2016. Starting out as a native tea company, Jesse created unique blends of loose leaf tea using his family totem, the medicinal and ceremonial plant Guradji. Lore Australia rapidly became an Australian native bio-foods company which focused on reconnecting people to their food and country with knowledge gained over thousands of generations and promoting a holistic approach to healthy living.

In 2017 Jesse created their own uniquely Australian kombucha brew known as Gurbuchi almost by accident. His partner (an avid home-kombucha brewer) used their native tea in her booch brews instead of the usual green or black tea and the result was wildly successful. This was mainly down to the amazing properties of the powerful Guradji plant and using spring water from their own property in Bellingen filtered through their special hardwood charcoal and quarts crystal filter.

Guradji is special as it’s caffeine free, full of anti- inflammatories, packed full of the immune boosting compound Quercetin and naturally contains a non sugar sweetener inositol. Inositol allows an extra long ferment to keep the sugar levels low but still maintain its sweetness. Lore Australia aim for their Gurbuchi to have a spectacular colour range from natural fruits, leaves and flowers from the Australian bush. Raw and real, Gurbuchi has no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and they don’t use essences or powders.

Gurbuchi is the true taste of Australia.

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