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Not all kombucha is the same

Before you begin binge drinking booch from your nearest supermarket, it's important to note that not all brands of kombucha offer the same health benefits. Some brands can be high in added sugars, sweeteners and preservatives.

Flavoured Kombucha is delicious but you need to be sure of what kind of flavouring is used in the kombucha brand you buy. As easy as it is to use real fruit and herbs to infuse kombucha, it can be faster and more cost-effective for companies to use powdered fruit flavouring or even sweetened artificial flavouring to get a palatable taste. This really defeats the purpose of drinking a probiotic and it will mess with the balance of good bacteria – both in the bottle and in your gut. The other downside to store bought booch is that it comes in single use packaging, which as we all know, is not fabulous for our environment.

At the Booch Bar, our kombucha is low in sugar, organic, raw, traditionally brewed and without preservatives - and what’s even better, it’s on tap! We encourage you to bring your own bottles to fill up, or buy our refillable glass bottles.

Love your gut, buy local, reduce, reuse and recycle

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